Sarah Jayne Dunn says it took her a year to recover after giving birth

Sarah Jayne Dunn revealed that it took her over a year to feel normal again after going through a difficult birth with her son. The 40-year-old former Hollyoaks actress shares six-year-old son Stanley with her husband, fitness trainer Jonathan Smith. The star has now opened up about the health issues she had that were brought … Read more

Fitness fanatic Jen Byles diagnosed with cancer at 37

Jen Byles, 37, from Sydney is having the time of her life Fitness fanatic Jen Byles was having the time of her life. Known to her friends as ‘the golden girl’, the 37-year-old had just landed her dream job, was smashing her personal bests in the gym and building a life in Sydney after moving … Read more

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Chelsea shock as new club regimen removes its fancy gym

The luxurious west London gym, which adjoins the Stamford Bridge football ground, is popular with Chelsea players and staff, and boasts members such as Hugh Grant and Lord Coe. But the Chelsea Health Club and Spa, formerly owned by former Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich, suddenly closed, leaving members and staff in “a state of shock”. … Read more

Warren Buffet’s protégé who got a job at the company after writing him a letter establishes her own firm

Warren Buffett’s protégé, who first got a job at his company after writing him a letter after graduating from college, has created her own private equity firm. Tracy Britt Cool, 37, founded Kanbrick, a mix of Kansas and Brick, with Brian Humphrey in 2020 after spending 11 years working for Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. The co-founders … Read more

UK’s saltiest restaurant meals for kids revealed

Britain’s saltiest kids’ meals can contain a whopping 4.8g of salt, the same as 26 bags of Pom-Bears (0.18g), it was revealed today. The obesity activists behind the analysis criticized restaurants for putting so much salt in kid-friendly dishes like cheeseburgers, pizzas and noodles. More than two-thirds of the more than 300 kids’ meals at … Read more

The newlywed couple’s beloved pug, Luna, dies after the kennel company leaves her in a hot van after the wedding.

A newlywed couple’s joy turned to heartbreak when their dog, who attended their wedding, died later that day after kennel staff left her in a van in scorching heat for two hours. FFion James, 30, and Ben Hill, 31, married their pug, Luna, the guest of honor for their confetti walk on Friday. The beaming … Read more

SPORTS AGENDA: Wigan players are paid late for the second month in a row

When he’s not hosting flashy, impromptu Q&A sessions on Twitter and criticizing journalists for bringing to light the ridiculous decision to hand the World Cup over to Qatar, Wigan Athletic owner Talal Al Hammad might want to fix the player salaries. Diary was informed that the Bahraini businessman paid the wages at the end of … Read more

Super father of six children Umesh Perera, 50, is also a global technology business leader

A businessman has revealed how he combines a grueling work schedule as a tech company founder with life as a single father of six. Umesh Perera, 50, from Bushey, Hertfordshire, is the founder of Ayozat, a broadcast, production and distribution company with its own online streaming and gaming platforms. But between building the business and … Read more