12 delicious mango dessert recipes to drool over this summer

When it comes to summer desserts, most people immediately go for the classics (think: strawberry shortcakes, lemon bars, and peach cobblers). But mangoes are officially stepping up from their competition. I’ll never know why people have overlooked mangoes for so long when it comes to summer baking, but mango dessert recipes are my new summer favorites. Today, I am here to convince you that they should be yours too.

Read on to find out how to choose a ripe mango, the easiest way to dice it, and get ready to drool over 12 mango dessert recipes you’ll want to try ASAP.

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How to choose a ripe mango

When choosing a good ripe mango, you have to use three senses: sight, touch and smell. While most ripe mangoes are a beautiful red color, the color alone does not mean that it is ripe. To make sure you pick the right handle, not just the prettiest one, squeeze it gently. A ripe mango shouldn’t be hard, but it should feel like a ripe avocado when you squeeze it.

Finally, smell the stem. That delicious tropical mango aroma will be present if the fruit is ripe. But, like avocados, sometimes you’ll end up buying a mango that isn’t quite ripe yet, so you can store it in a paper bag at room temperature to speed up the process.

Image of Suruchi Avasthi

The best way to cut a mango for mango dessert recipes

Many of the following mango dessert recipes use frozen mango that you can buy pre-cut, but if you have fresh mango and want to cut it yourself, there is an easy dicing method that you can master. When cutting a mango, start by separating the fruit from the stone. Stem-side down, imagine the flat, oval hole inside and cut both sides. You will end up with two halves and a center section that includes the hole.

Next, you’ll want to make horizontal and vertical cuts in each half, being careful not to cut through the skin. Once finished, invert the handle so the cubes stick out and peel or use a knife to slice. With the middle section, cut along the pit and remove as much fruit as you can before cutting through the skin.

Keep in mind that if your mango is too soft to cut into clean lines, you can scoop out the fruit and use it in many of these mango dessert recipes, as it will likely mix up anyway.

Watch this mango cutting tutorial video for a visual demonstration:

No-bake icebox cake with mango and cardamom cream and salty pistachio crumble

Why we love it: This ice cream cake is the perfect summer dessert for days when it’s too hot to turn on the oven. If you haven’t heard of one before, an ice cream cake is a dessert made up of layers of cream, cookies, and fillings that come together in the refrigerator—no baking required. The layers of this recipe are as follows: mango purée, cardamom cream, biscuits and salty pistachio crumble. Also known as the perfect salty and sweet combo.

Hero Ingredient: The salty pistachio crumble is the icing on the cake…literally and figuratively.

4 Ingredient Raw Mango Basil Ice Cream

Why we love it: This mango basil ice cream recipe is quite possibly the simplest yet most impressive summer dessert I’ve ever discovered. There is something about homemade ice cream that makes me feel fancy and this simple method has me in awe. Just mix frozen mango, whole coconut milk, maple syrup and fresh basil and you have the vegan summer dessert that will please everyone.

Hero Ingredient: Basil takes this ice cream to a new level of freshness.

Sweet and salty mango lassi

Why we love it: This Salty Mango Lassi recipe is my ideal way to cool down on a summer night. Not too sweet like modern lasis, this milkshake-like dessert is made with yogurt, salt and pepper, cardamom, milk, honey to taste, and of course mango. These treats come together in a blender in 10 minutes, but you’ll gobble them up veryyyy faster. Trust me.

Hero Ingredient: Sendhav salt not only balances out the sweetness of the mango, but is also packed with minerals and aids in digestion.

Mango Lassi Popsicles

Why we love it: The mango lassi recipe you already know and love, in popsicle form. The garnish on these popsicles will have your guests ecstatic and exulting at the presentation. Once you have the ingredients, give these two mango dessert recipes a try and let us know which one you like best.

Hero Ingredient: Powdered milk is a real wonder for keeping your popsicles creamy, not icy.

Kheer Pudding Mango Curd Parfaits

Why we love it: Kheer is an Indian rice pudding dessert that is prepared by boiling rice pudding, sugar, and some spices. This recipe is layered with mango puree, which is the perfect combination, fresh and tangy, with the otherwise sweet kheer. Also, the puree has the consistency of a curd without the eggs and butter. These parfaits are so good you’ll have them for dessert Y breakfast.

Hero Ingredient: Skip the chocolate pudding – kheer might be my new favorite.

Why we love it: I could eat sherbet all day every day. Specifically this four-ingredient vegan version that tastes like summer in a bowl. This recipe combines melon (either honeydew or cantaloupe), mango, banana, and coconut syrup in a food processor or blender to create your new “nice cream” flavor. I also like to throw in frozen strawberries and make them my own!

Hero Ingredient: The banana creates the creaminess without the cream.

Girl Versus Dough Creamy Mango Tart

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a spectacular dessert for your next summer dinner, look no further than this cake. It has the graham cracker crust of my dreams, the freshest mango filling, and just the right amount of whipped cream (re:lots). Not to mention the toasted coconut flakes add the perfect crunch to every bite. Just know that once you make this cake, be prepared to make it again and again – your guests will be requesting it from here on out.

Hero Ingredient: When a graham cracker is around, it will always be my hero.

Moist mango sponge cake from Chef de Home

Why we love it: This Mango Pound Cake is a dessert, breakfast cake, and tea time snack in one (or maybe I’m just trying to find all the excuses to eat it). All you need is a simple layer of powdered sugar because the cake itself is the real star. This recipe is dense, moist, fresh, and tastes even better the next day, if you have any leftovers, that is. Which I rarely do.

Hero Ingredient: The coconut touch threatens to steal the show.

No Bake Mango Cheesecake from RecipeTin Eats

Why we love it: This is one of the mango dessert recipes that ticks all the boxes for a perfect summer dessert. It uses summer products, does not require an oven and is eaten cold. Imagine a classic cheesecake, but better because it’s topped with homemade mango jelly, whipped cream, and yes, more mango! It’s also deceptively easy to make, thanks to the use of a food processor.

Hero Ingredient: You’ll want to save this no-bake cheesecake filling no matter what.

Easy Mango Cobbler Recipe from Platings + Parings

Why we love it: Cobbler served a la moda will always be one of my favorite desserts. This particular recipe reinvents the traditional apple pie made with mango and cardamom. The key here is that you cook the mangoes with vanilla and sugar, thickening and caramelizing the fruit. It’s the summer twist on a classic fall dessert I never knew I needed.

Hero Ingredient: It’s the crispy oatmeal topping for me.

Mango tart with vanilla custard from Just a Taste

Why we love it: Yes, this dessert tastes as good as it looks. And no, creating that mango pattern is not as difficult as it sounds! This Mango Vanilla Tart is an ingenious use of summer fruit that you won’t regret trying. The mango and vanilla filling sits in a delicious shortbread crust that comes together in minutes.

Hero Ingredient: Vanilla bean is my favorite ice cream flavor and is now my favorite combination for mango dessert recipes.

3 Ingredient Mango Sherbet (no churn!) from Minimalist Baker

Why we love it: Frozen mango, fresh lime juice, and maple syrup magically combine in a food processor to make a refreshing homemade summer sherbet that puts store-bought versions to shame. The best part is that you can eat it right away or store it in the freezer for a firmer sherbet. It keeps in the freezer for up to two weeks. Yes, of course, it lasts that long.

Hero Ingredient: Lime juice adds the perfect kick to every spoonful.

Which of these mango dessert recipes are you trying first? Let us know in the comments below!

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