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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – Jul 11, 2022 – Sports are not only an essential aspect of public health, but also a huge industry. As technology has become indispensable in our daily lives and has been applied to professional athletic training, daily fitness and leisure, and even education, the market potential of SportsTech is huge. The global SportsTech market size was estimated at USD 16.17 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.8% to reach USD 36.81 billion in 2027. Cyberport have developed a variety of SportsTech solutions, ranging from training designed to improve the skills and fitness of professional athletes to fitness and leisure for the general public. Some high-level athletes also use their knowledge and experience to develop solutions that promote the popularization of sports.

Cyberport startups have developed a variety of SportsTech solutions, ranging from training to improve skills and fitness for professional athletes to fitness and entertainment for the general public. Some high-level athletes use their knowledge and experience to develop solutions that promote the popularization of sports.

Eric Chan, Director of Public Mission for Cyberport, said: “Sports require fitness, endurance, skills and teamwork. With the help of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and the Internet of Things, the peak performance of professional athletes will be further enhanced.” and the professionalization of sports will grow.On the other hand, SportsTech can help create an atmosphere of sports for all, as it allows the public to enjoy exercise more easily.It can be further developed in SportsTech.With the strong support of the government for the local sports development and the promotion of sports industrialization, together with the support of sports technology research funds, we believe that significant business opportunities will open up for I&T companies.”

Big data + research can boost the performance of professional athletes
Big data analytics is the key to effectively improving athletes’ performance and increasing their odds in competitions. Professional athlete, one of the Cyberport start-ups, has collaborated with a local university to develop an athlete management system. By collecting and analyzing data on the performance of soccer players, such as the time it takes them to complete a particular training goal, coaches can comprehensively monitor the physical and technical performance of their players. They can identify the strengths and weaknesses of athletes and develop personalized training and competition strategies. The system can also be adjusted to meet the training needs of various sports.

a champions, another start-up rooted in Cyberport, has developed an interactive sports device. With the help of the app, soccer coaches can select a training mode designed by the start-up’s professional team, within which colored lights and sounds remind players to dribble a soccer ball and train their reaction and speed. The device will record the players’ response data, and through big data analysis, the coach will be able to design more precise exercises based on the performance of each athlete.

Exercise videos allow users to practice at any time
During the pandemic, people turned to exercising at home. SportsTech can make exercising at home more attractive. Pakhung Cheung, the world individual jump rope champion, has developed a jump rope app called ROJU. It’s offers more than 200 videos with different levels of difficulty according to world competition standards, allowing users to practice at any time according to their goals. The system will launch a jump rope recognition function, and users can upload their jumps for evaluation by the ROJU professional team. Users will find out if their movements meet world standards and will be motivated to practice.

Smart devices create new virtual sports experiences
New smart devices allow users to enjoy a wide range of sports without geographical restrictions. Asia Motion Electronic Sports uses augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) technology to provide users with an immersive experience of virtual sports such as skiing, horse racing, and canoeing. Users can experience these sports in a safe environment through smart devices, while saving travel time. The launch also incorporates racing elements to add to the excitement.

Another Cyberport startup, Master Snooker Kingdomwas founded by the best British pool player in the world, Marco Fu. The startup provides kids with quality snooker training as well as STEM knowledge: they can learn the skills of British pool and understand the physics behind them. Projectors and motion sensors can be added to project the best hitting position on the pool table, which will help analyze student performance and further equip them to become “snooker masters.”

The platforms connect sports lovers around the world to share the joy of competition.
Sports can bring together a group of enthusiasts to share the joy of exercising together. The start-up Joint Concept Dynamic has launched an online running platform, run2meet. Brokers can enjoy competing with other brokers regardless of time zone and region by simply uploading their registrations through the platform or app. The platform also hosts special themed events from time to time, which aim to attract more people to join the sports community.

Multiple startups within the Cyberport community also provide SportsTech solutions. If members of the press would like more information about them, please contact Cyberport’s marketing communications team.

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