How Channel 10’s dismal result of Breakfast News will affect the network this year

Channel 10’s new breakfast show’s low ratings of 55 viewers was just the latest in a series of ratings disasters for the network in recent months.

Channel 10 has been on a ratings rollercoaster in recent months.

Of the plummeting ratings that threaten The project, a lousy last season The Bachelor and yesterday’s record start of their new breakfast offering, 10 news first: breakfast, the network has been in a fierce battle against its competitors for viewers across the board this year.

But all is not lost for Ten, with kitchen master climbing to the top of primetime viewing earlier this week, and the impending Single season with its unusual format that represents some hope for the bosses.

MasterChef in constant improvement

Channel 10’s blockbuster cooking competition is off to a rocky start to this year’s edition Fans vs Favorites season, but seems to be climbing the ladder on the pointy end.

With contestants in Tasmania this week, it won both Sunday (611,000) and Monday night (624,00) in its time slot in all five major metropolitan cities.

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It comes after kitchen master it sank to just 376,000 viewers in all five metropolitan capitals in April.

The season got off to a dismal start, with 545,000 viewers in the city’s five metropolitan areas, the lowest premiere viewing figures in the franchise’s 14 seasons.

As we head towards the end, Julie Goodwin, Sarah Todd, Billie McKay and Daniel Lamble remain.

Record lows for the new program

Channel 10’s attempt to break into the breakfast market is off to a record start, with its new morning show attracting 44 viewers in Sydney last week.

In what could be the worst ratings in Australian television history, 10 news first: breakfast debuted at 8 in the morning last Monday and according to the australian, it recorded just 44 viewers in Sydney on its second day on the air and only reached a further 224 viewers in Perth, according to official data from OzTAM.

The new program fills a 30-minute slot that it previously occupied studio 10which now starts at 8.30 am

The show, run by Lachlan Kennedy in Sydney from Monday to Wednesday and Natasha Exelby in Melbourne on Thursday and Friday, averaged just 17,000 viewers in its first five days in the five major metropolitan cities.

Ran into Seven Sunrise and nine This day airing from 5:30am with loyal viewers spanning decades. Meanwhile, aBC News Breakfast has emerged to compete with them in recent years.

Despite low ratings in the first week of 10 news first: breakfasta spokesperson for Ten told the publication that the network was “happy” with its opening week.

“Network 10 is happy with the release of 10 News First: Breakfast,” he said. “It has raised the 2022 timeslot average by 13 percent in its first week.”

The Project suffers historic lows this year

It comes a few months after an equally disappointing result for The project earlier this year, with numbers dropping to an all-time low on a Sunday in March while competing with Nine juggernaut married at first sightFinal commitment ceremony.

Channel 10’s current affairs show, which was hosted by Hamish Macdonald, Lisa Wilkinson, Tommy Little and fill-in presenter Jan Fran at the time, scored a dismal 185,000 in the 6:30pm slot in the five-city metro market the 20th of March.

This figure rose slightly to 265,000 at 7 p.m.

Last year, OzTAM ratings revealed theThe project it had lost nearly a third of its viewership since 2011, increasing speculation about the show’s future.

Metro’s ratings plummeted to just 367,000 in 2021, a 30 percent decline from its five-city audience of 538,000 a decade ago, making it the lowest-performing late-night show on commercial television.

In response, a spokesperson for the ViacomCBS-owned station told the That’s Entertainment podcast in November: “Recent media reports inferring that The project will not be 10 in 2022 are completely fabricated, false and misleading.

The project He just celebrated his 12th birthday and he’s here to stay! At a time when information, context and understanding are more important than ever, The project will continue to give Australians their dose of news delivered differently.”

The comments came at the end of a year of terror for kitchen master, High school Y The Bachelorthat were once big hits for the network.

With kitchen master results are now improving, the network is likely to be hopeful that the success will continue until The Bachelornext season.

Can The Bachelor return to its former glory?

In a world first, the bachelor australia will premiere with three male leads in its tenth season.

In May, host Osher Günsberg revealed the trio of suitors on The project, promising an “electrifying” season with 27-year-old marketing manager Felix Von Hofe, 25-year-old musician Jed McIntosh and 35-year-old restaurant manager Thomas Malucelli at the helm.

“No one in the world has ever had three singles and so the way it works, the way everyone meets each other is very different this year,” Günsberg joked.

“It has already been fascinating. we have been going [filming] for a while now and what we are seeing is already electrifying”.

It comes as ratings for the once-loved reality show have been steadily declining in recent years.

Last year’s finale, in which Jimmy Nicholson cast Holly Kingston, saw just 629,000 viewers in the metro area.

By comparison, 879,000 metropolitan area viewers tuned in for the latest episode of Locky Gilbert in 2020.

The BachelorThe glory days would see the final numbers easily exceed a million.

At its peak in 2015, the Sam Wood finale drew a whopping 1.482 million metropolitan viewers, the most undergraduate australian end to date.

So why have viewers turned off?

Amid criticism of the show’s “tired” format and growing competition against streaming services in the time slot, the Single it has also provoked a backlash for its lack of diversity. This year’s cast saw no exception.

Among those who expressed disappointment at the three men chosen as The Bachelor was former single Angie Kent, who expressed her opinion in a column for Yahoo.

“Last year we had our first indigenous queer bachelorette party. [Brooke Blurton] with ratings at an all time low… Jimmy [Nicholson’s] the season has also bottomed out,” he wrote.

“It really saddens me to think that as a nation, do we really need to get rid of this diversity in order for the average player to tune in? The proof seems to be in the pudding, and by pudding I mean the grades.”

Abbie Chatfield also said on her Hot Nights radio show, “Why isn’t there a single person of color?

“I hope at least one of them is bisexual. I just hope something is going on here.”

Network 10 has kept their choice to cast the trio.

Speaking to TV Tonight, Paramount’s executive vice president and chief content officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Diversity looks at a lot of things, and even to pick the way it’s been picked, those guys don’t necessarily write like your typical Bachelor.” . from years past.

“There’s still a significant portion of that cast left, which will probably cause people to reconsider their position a little bit.”

She continued, “It’s about cast and crew representation and we feel that’s important, and we’ve clearly shown that with all of our casting choices.”

“This year, we were trying to do something different with Singleeven just in terms of age range, which allows us to pick out different types of women as well.

“We’re going to stay quiet about it and then once people see the whole cast, they’ll see that the whole cast is very representative of the Australian population.”

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