Virtual Fitness to Disrupt Indian Health Industry in Post-Covid World: FITTR CEO

New Delhi, July 4 (IANS): As the Indian fitness industry experienced a huge boost during the last two years of the pandemic, Covid-19 resulted in the acceleration of artificial intelligence (AI) integrations to optimize the fitness needs of consumers.

In such a scenario, FITTR, which is the world’s largest online fitness and nutrition community, leveraged AI to better meet consumer needs and guide them on their fitness journey.

FITTR created an artificial intelligence algorithm that combines the needs of users with the best physical, nutritional and personal trainer that helps to achieve the desired goals in the most effective and efficient way.

Jitendra Chouksey, founder and CEO of FITTR, told IANS that they are witnessing a new generation of fitness enthusiasts who are comfortable following a hybrid model to reach their fitness goals, making virtual fitness a key component. in the industry.

Here is an excerpt from an interview:

Q: How is AI/ML affecting the Indian fitness industry? What are some of the trends and technologies you are most excited about in the fitness tech industry in India?

A: Experts around the world consider artificial intelligence to be the future of technology. As we have witnessed in recent years, it will not take long for technology to enter the world of fitness once the meteoric rise of AI begins.

With the disruption in the fitness industry, technological innovations are sure to offer optimal diagnosis of the entire human body and provide proper analysis using AI. Artificial intelligence is already being used in the fitness industry to optimize consumers’ fitness needs, whether it’s finding the right trainer, getting the best personalized nutrition/diet plan, or even the best suggested route to get in shape with one week after another. analysis of the week

In addition, AI can help design plans, thus giving trainers more time to work on improving the overall service experience between client and trainer.

At FITTR, during the pandemic, we are leveraging AI to better meet consumer needs and help guide their fitness journey.

FITTR created an artificial intelligence algorithm that combines the needs of users with the best physical, nutritional and personal trainer that helps to achieve the desired goals in the most effective and efficient way.

The app takes information from the user: age, gender, training experience, city, eating habits, lifestyle habits, and goal, and recommends the best trainers to achieve your fitness goal.

The accelerated move into the virtual landscape and the importance of digitization skyrocketing in a post-Covid-19 world led to tremendous growth in the health and fitness segment.

We are witnessing the arrival of a new generation of fitness enthusiasts who are comfortable following a hybrid model to achieve their fitness goals, making virtual fitness a key component in the industry.

Q: What is your long-term vision and mission for FITTR?

A: Following the Series A funding round, we have been growing and working to increase our service offering beyond nutrition plan and fitness training by venturing into the mental and emotional wellness segment alongside sports nutrition and fitness. sports fitness.

At FITTR, our goal is to be a premier digital fitness platform that offers unified services that meet all consumer needs, i.e. get the right information about your body in terms of fat content and calorie intake, etc. along with a personalized and precise nutritional plan. and professional fitness and wellness training through more than 650 INFS-certified trainers.

Being a local brand, we are also focusing on increasing our presence and expanding our reach in destinations beyond India, including the US, UK, Canada and the Middle East.

Additionally, at FITTR, we want to create a highly diversified workforce culture and therefore focus on constantly expanding our team and hiring the right group of people who understand our vision and want to grow with us.

Our goal is to fit 50 million people in the next decade and create 100,000 meaningful career opportunities in the fitness industry. Our goal is to create employment for more than 1,000 trainers in the next 12 to 18 months.

Q: The pandemic accelerated the rate at which digital fitness tools and services were being consumed. Do you see this as structural or cyclical change? What is your strategy to continue building on the momentum?

A: The pandemic changed consumer sentiment towards health and fitness. They became more serious about addressing their health issues by exercising and changing their nutrition.

This is where we at FITTR help them with access to quantified nutrition plans, scientific knowledge related to back health, and over 650 INFS-certified trainers who guided them to healthy living.

It was during the pandemic that we launched our personal fitness services and we have seen 100 percent growth so far. This is another great example to show the upward trend of consumers regarding health and fitness.

As a leading fitness platform, our strategy has always been to spread awareness as we still feel that people are apprehensive about fitness.

We want to break that barrier and serve as a bridge bringing fitness to the comfort of their homes. So far, we have transformed 300,000 lives and have over three million strong communities, which definitely shows the credibility of our services and consumers’ trust in FITTR as a fitness brand.

We will continue to increase our service offerings and raise awareness, which will further strengthen the fitness movement we have embarked on.

Q: What has cloud technology and AWS allowed you to do that you couldn’t do before?

A: Many industries have implemented innovative cloud technology solutions to simplify and streamline the delivery of services, including fitness and healthcare. As a technology-driven fitness platform, we at FITTR have leveraged cloud technology and AWS to support the high-performance needs of our growing business.

It has helped us ensure the seamless delivery of personalized fitness and nutrition services to our consumers in an organized and safe manner. Additionally, it has allowed us to deliver better results and create tools that seamlessly fit and address consumers’ fitness needs.

Advancing technology, including cloud technology, is a critical step in our digital journey and gives us a competitive advantage in the technology-driven fitness and wellness market.

We’ve been on AWS since the beginning, and AWS allowed us to deliver value faster without the hassle of managing infrastructure. We were able to rapidly scale our services with the growth of our consumer base. Another big plus was the quick experimentation to build the right architecture for our requirements.

AWS has provided FITTR with an easy and efficient way to organize data storage and processing while developing and updating our application. It has offered us a ready ecosystem without any server allocation and maintenance hassles, ensuring zero downtime.

We are also secured with a high level of protection and superior encryption.

AWS Cost Explorer and Account Managers have always helped us reduce cost with proper guidance.

Through AWS, we pay for what we use. AWS helps us identify resources that are idle or underutilized. These resources are then stopped or reduced, reducing overall costs.

Q: We are seeing global liquidity dry up as interest rates trend higher. Do you expect a rough road for the Indian startup ecosystem in terms of fundraising and compressed valuations?

A: India’s startup ecosystem is as strong as ever and is among the fastest growing ecosystems in the world. Within this ecosystem, health and fitness technology startups stand out as the annual growth rate (CAGRA2022-2026) is expected to be 9.49%, resulting in a projected market volume of 4.98 billion rupees by 2026.

The pandemic gave health and fitness startups a much-needed boost and aided in the accelerated growth it has been witnessing.

For us at FITTR, our growth has been organic. We take pride in the fact that positive word of mouth speaks volumes about the strong community connection we have.

We make sure that every consumer who comes onto the FITTR platform is committed to their fitness journey and motivated by our 5 million community members to continue and achieve their fitness goals.

We have been profitable and have seen 48% year-over-year growth in FY21-22 and exceeded $16 million in annualized booking rate, showing that the need for digital fitness is increasing and there is clear potential of growth.

Even though global liquidity has been trending down in some segments, the future for health and fitness startups continues to look bright.

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