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Bonne: unfinished business in the city
Monday, July 4, 2022 09:19

Former Blues borrower Macauley Bonne believes he has “unfinished business” with Town, the hometown club he supported as a child.

Bonne, 26, spent the 2021/22 season at Portman Road on loan from QPR, scoring 12 goals, including 11 by 2 November.

“I feel like I have so much unfinished business with Ipswich Town,” he told the EADT in a lengthy interview about his time with the Blues.

“It could happen this summer, it could happen in January, it could happen next summer when I become a free agent.”

Bonne says he has had interest from other clubs who want to take him on loan or permanently this summer.

“They sound like very good football options, but it’s not just about the football side of things,” he reflected.

“I could move miles away from my family and be miserable. I have many friends in football who have experienced that.

“It’s a short race, so I have to evaluate every option. Those deals are still up for grabs.

“I don’t think I’ve given QPR a good chance yet. It might still work there for me still. There’s definitely a buzz about the place right now with [new manager] Michael Beale.

“I guess I’m in no man’s land right now. I just have to be patient and see what happens.”

A return of Bonne to Portman Road this summer would be a surprise with manager Kieran McKenna already signing Freddie Ladapo following his departure from Rotherham and with other players including Leicester’s George Hirst on his list of potential targets.

Meanwhile, Derby County are reportedly weighing a move for former Blues striker David McGoldrick, 34, a free agent who left Sheffield United at the end of last season.

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SamWhiteUnited Kingdom added 09:30 – Jul 4

He might have been out the door by now if he hadn’t been so poor for most of the second half of the season.

IpswichBusiness added 09:38 – Jul 4

I’m sure we could have signed him by now if we wanted to.

That we haven’t suggests that KMK doesn’t rate it or that QPR wants too much.

trncbluearmy added 09:43 – Jul 4

Good player, ITFC fan, the only reason we haven’t signed him (yet) is because we can’t get rid of Piggot and his contract.

europablue added 09:50 – Jul 4

I would more than welcome Bonne, but it’s also understandable that we don’t want to sign him. I imagine we’ll still be interested in possibly giving him up on loan, as well as signing Celina, but both depend on who else is available and what those deals would entail.

Bazza8564 added 09:54 – Jul 4

I didn’t get a single decent game for McKenna, I like the guy and would welcome him, but I just don’t see him… If he had problems in L1 under the KM system, how can he possibly justify the investment when we’d want a championship potential at a minimum for all incoming players?
Sorry I know it’s not going to be a popular view but we’ve already taken 2 CF this summer and he’d be behind both of them. We want quality to challenge Ledapo and JJ not another bench warmer just because it’s local….

Positive vibes added 10:17 – Jul 4

In December of last year, I think almost every ITFC fan was calling to sign him permanently in that January window. He followed a change of Manager, System and form and could not buy a goal. He got into some excellent positions and had numerous opportunities to add to his account. On other days he would have written them down.
I think Bonne has the energy we’re looking for and he certainly has the passion. He would welcome him because he gives us “something different” from our other forwards. And with 7 substitutions allowed during a game, we could use some depth in our attacking options.

MickMillsTash added 10:18 – Jul 4

He scored some very good goals, but my main memory is that many of his chances went unfinished: Cheltenham out!
He spent a lot of time out of the game.
It’s a No from me, I’m afraid

G Force added 10:43 – Jul 4

Sorry, but not consistently enough, which is why he has spent most of his career in the lower leagues.
We definitely still need another experienced striker,
Andre Grey, Shane Long and Vydra are all available, though it’s unlikely we’ll be able to afford them even if they were set to break into league one.

linkboy13 added 10:55 – Jul 4

I really like Macaulay, like a lot of fans, but I don’t think sentiment shouldn’t go into it. Would we be clamoring to sign him if he had no connection to Ipswich? People say that he offers something different, but they don’t explain what. McKenna seems to stick with Piggott, which is a bit of a surprise. I think we have to spend the cash on another striker if we are going to get automatic promotion, but with Piggott still at the club I think this is not going to happen.

TimmyH added 11:07 – Jul 4

Not for me… after a great start, he was AWOL for a good chunk of the season, he had a chance to get back on track in the last couple of months and he didn’t.

DMDC added 11:20 – Jul 4

We urgently need another striker as I don’t see any goals in what we have at the moment, but I don’t think Bonne is the answer. He missed too many months to be prolific. So far we only have Ladapo which can reach double figures. We are unfortunately short of goals.

tractorboybig added 11:38 – Jul 4

a one minute wonder, a waste of space

army_blue_81 added 11:56 – Jul 4

You need a striker of 20 goals per season to go up. Are they already in the club? Ladapo, Jackson, Piggott? I have serious doubts

blues1 added 11:58 – Jul 4

Positive vibes. Her form was gone before mckenna arrived. He did the same thing he does at almost every club he signs for. He starts off good, then fades. A bit like the Blackburn fans said about Rhodes, great when he’s scoring goals. When he’s not around, he brings little else to the team. To be fair, he worked hard in the last few games of last season, but probably because he was hoping to convince Mckenna to bring him back.

blues1 added 12:00 – July 4

Trnc Nothing to do with downloading Piggott. He is not good enough and he showed it last season. 1 goal in 31 games does not suggest that we should sign him again.

Barty added 12:07 – Jul 4

Sorry but not consistent enough so I don’t want him but I wish him well.

ringwoodblue added 12:35 – Jul 4

In the EADT article on this, he and his partner talk about their problems having a child and suffering several miscarriages, so this could explain their drastic drop in form in the second half of last season. Personal problems affect work, so we must be understanding.

Having said all that, I just don’t think he would ever recreate that early way of scoring goals if he came back, so I think we should look elsewhere.

Thoroughly nice chap and I wish him and his lady all the best.

bluearmy71 added 12:55 – Jul 4

Some of these comments are really stupid no MB didn’t have a good final half of his loan spell here last season but all forwards go through baron spells and if I remember correctly there was a game where he scored and he was even declared offside. although it was clear it could have been the start of another good scoring period for him but since that was ruled out the poor guy must have been thinking he just can’t catch a break and as we all know football is a game of confidence and things like that inevitably affect the psyche. A losing streak doesn’t make you a bad player, but when the odds are against you in any aspect of life, it’s tough. In fact I might be letting my heart rule my head with MB being a Town fan and bringing that extra special something to the club that comes with it but it sure isn’t as bad as some have said and as you may have guessed it will would welcome playing for us again sooner rather than later, time will tell!

jas0999 added 12:56 – Jul 4

I can’t believe KM wants to sign him. Terrible second part of the season.

RegencyBlue added 13:22 – Jul 4

If we could get rid of Pigott, I’d take it if the price was right, but only as a backup.

Don’t think our main striker is in the building yet!

chrisfelix added 13:49 – Jul 4

He was lucky at the beginning of the season. His local background helped him settle in, but apparently he was never going to be the striker with 20 goals in a season. Piggot has been and, despite all the negativity posted, he was never given the run on the side that Bonne was.

blues1 added 13:50 – Jul 4

blue army 71. Some of what you say may be true. But the fact is that he does the same wherever he wants him to go. It starts out as a house on fire, then fizzles out. East maybe an exception. As for his goal being offside. He was offside. I thought he wasn’t active, by the way, but after seeing it on video, he clearly was. And the problem is that he was out of the game too often. He can get it when he’s in the box trying to get to the middle, but too often he was offside where he could see the other side of the defensive line, and he should never be offside in those situations. And sorry, 1 goal in 31 games is not a losing streak. It is a drought. Obviously if he came back I would fully support him, but I really hope we don’t hire him.

blueharmony added 14:08 – Jul 4

Lots of good comments here.
1) Pigott didn’t respond and was given plenty of chances. However, we’d have to get him off the books to sign MB permanently.
2) I agree that MB is out of the game a lot, but surely this is just a technical thing that can be coached by KMc.
3) I hadn’t heard of MB’s off-field issues, but that must have been a terrible time for them and would surely affect anyone’s performance at work. Soccer players are human beings after all, not robots.
4) You could never fault MB’s hard work and effort, especially being an Ipswich boy. He got a bit of luck in the second half of the season and he would have been the 20-goal-a-season striker we need.

Conclusion: Get it permanently if we can get Pigott off the books (perhaps a loan) or on loan from QPR if not

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