Hotel industry in Wales ready to adopt .wales and .cymru domains

The Welsh Government has recently announced a new campaign to attract international visitors to North Wales. And, across the country, the race is on to attract high-spending foreign tourists, who notoriously stay longer and spend more, to the country.

Launching the North Wales plan, Welsh Government Chancellor of the Exchequer, Vaughan Gething MS, said:

Our Welsh heritage, history, language and culture are front and center in the campaign and we will also be focusing on our food and drink.

Now is an ideal opportunity for hotel companies to highlight their Welsh character to attract foreign visitors. And a country-specific .wales or .cymru domain name website is a great way to ensure identity is communicated clearly and globally across the Internet. Since Welsh domain names, managed by nominatedlaunched in 2015, over 47,000 .cymru and .wales domains have been registered to date[1], helping businesses establish their Welsh identity and culture. High renewal rates of more than 80%[2] show a willingness to maintain a .cymru or .wales website as a key part of online identity. In the year to March 2021, a total of 87 .cymru and .wales domains 89 domains for holiday and tourism services were registered for food and beverage related product websites, out of a total of 5,310 .wales and .cymru domains.

A unique online presence is more important than ever for hotel companies and, for a Welsh company, a Website with .wales or .cymru domain allows you to proudly display your passion for Wales to target customers, at home or abroad. a local domain It immediately communicates to potential customers that it is a Welsh brand, creating a unique selling point for businesses trying to attract visitors looking for an authentic cultural experience, separating it from similar businesses in the same space.

There are also practical benefits. Local domain websites can give hotel businesses preferential treatment in search engine rankings over .com results, while including contact details such as a local phone number and address will help. to improve the position and credibility among the target audience. This helps potential visitors looking for a Welsh hospitality experience or a place to eat in a specific country quickly find relevant businesses. A local .wales or .cymru domain website also increases relevancy to Welsh users, meaning visitors already in the country looking for a place to eat or drink will find businesses more easily by helping to identify where the business is found.

Some of Wales’s most established businesses, such as the National Botanic Garden of Wales and Penderyn Distillery, have chosen to use Welsh domains.

David Hardy, director of marketing and communications for the National Botanic Garden of WalesHe says:

It was great to be able to secure these domain names, which are short, simple and Welsh. They match our ambitions as a national and international institution, bringing a stronger cultural identity to our website. Our mission is to inspire, educate and retain, and Welsh domain names mean we can truly celebrate our ‘Welshness’ in all of our online interactions.

Choosing a domain name that accurately reflects and communicates a brand is essential, and a .wales or .cymru domain is a great place to start. Domain name availability has become a key consideration when naming a new business: they should be easy to remember and as short and simple as possible. With the shortage of shorter domains, some companies invent words that serve as their business name and give them a distinctive and memorable domain name website. Some Welsh companies, however, choose to use the Welsh language to their advantage for this. For example,, created in 2018 by Catrin Parry Jones and Osian Wyn Jones for their bakery in Cardigan, uses “crwst”, which is Welsh for crust.

Catrin Parry Jones, co-director of crown. Combined with the .cymru domain, the name enhances its reputation as a patriotic company that cares about Welsh identity, culture and language.

She says,

We wanted to emphasize that we are a Welsh company, especially being Welsh speakers as a first language.

Samantha Sweetland, Director of Marketing and B2C at Nominet, which manages the .cymru and .wales domains, said:

There are many benefits to being online, such as opening up new advertising options to secure new business and increasing the reach of your marketing efforts. Word of mouth and recommendations are great, but more and more, potential customers want to “try before they buy” and, in many circumstances, this means checking out your website as part of their decision-making process.

For businesses that want to underline their Welsh connection or heritage, owning a .wales or .cymru domain name is the perfect way to prove your Welsh heritage to the world.

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