Company strengthens commitment to the development -and future- of youth at the national level

HAMPTON, NH, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Planet Fitness, one of the largest and fastest growing fitness center franchisors and operators with more members than any other fitness brand, today announced the winners of its annual Judgment Free Generation® scholarship, that recognizes teens for their commitment to promoting kindness and contributing to a more judgment-free planet. Fifty deserving youth from Boys & Girls Clubs of America were honored $5,000more than half (56 percent) of whom will be first-generation college students.

In association with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Planet Fitness has awarded $250,000 in scholarships this year, contributing to a grand total of $900,000 in scholarships recognizing 170 youth since 2017. Planet Fitness created this scholarship program to recognize the many teens who continue to promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion in their communities, qualities that Planet Fitness and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America support collectively. Scholarship recipients were selected based on multiple criteria, including personal essays, a staff recommendation, and a video presentation that demonstrated how each youth actively promotes these values.

To celebrate and honor the winners, Planet Fitness, the company’s franchisees and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America enlisted the help of Tyler Oakleysocial media influencer, actor, and LGBTQ+ youth activist, to share some inspiring thoughts from his own journey with the winners via Zoom call and answer their questions.

The 50 scholarship winners selected by Planet Fitness and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America are as follows:

• Ian M. (Alameda, Calif.)

• Ana G. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Brandon W. (Appleton, Wisconsin)

• Shannell H. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Breshae H. (Atlanta)

• Oluwaseleriayo I. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Latecyia J. (Beaufort, North Carolina)

• Rafiq J. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Gabrielle R. (Berlin, Wisconsin)

• Matthew M. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Bryan B. (Boston, Massachusetts)

• Elizabeth N. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Erica D. (Boston, Massachusetts)

• Saron W. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Caitlyn E. (Bullhead City, Arizona)

• Irmanie P. (Orlando, Florida)

• Taylor C. (Chatsworth, Calif.)

• Lucas L. (Pittston, Maine)

• Harper S. (Edwards, Illinois)

• Noah H. (Putney, Vermont)

• Jada S. (Fitchburg, Wisconsin)

• Myles J. (Rockwall, Texas)

• Angel S. (Garden Grove, California)

• William K. (Salem, New Hampshire)

• Maria O. (Garland, Texas)

• Anna C. (Salem, New Hampshire)

• Saskia P. (Greenwich, Conn.)

• Cynthia M. (Salem, Oregon)

• Jamila Q. (Holland, Michigan)

• Johnson M. (San Francisco)

• Liushari G. (Holland, Michigan)

• Jacqueline V. (Houston)

• Divya M. (Jersey City, NJ)

• K’mani M. (San Pedro, California)

• Tran N. (San Francisco)

• Xander S. (San Pedro, Calif.)

• Ari A. (Kneeland California)

• Craig W. (San Pedro, Calif.)

• Lauren C. (Lacey, Wash.)

• Ashley A. (Santa Ana, Calif.)

• Riley M. (Manchester, New Hampshire)

• Ashleigh P. (Simpsonville South Carolina)

• Khloe H. (McAlester, Okla.)

• Diana R. (Torrance, Calif.)

• Khadijah D. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Ashley C. (Wake Forest, North Carolina)

• Nahovy M. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Eric B. (Wallingford, Conn.)

• Jennifer G. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

• Paige M. (Warren, Ind.)

In a winning entry, Elizabeth N. de Milwaukee, Wisconsin, expressed how her experience with bullying motivated her to address the issue in her own community and help empower her peers. She said: “Being bullied taught me how to reject the negative and embrace the positive. This is how we can impact communities, by building each other’s trust in who we are and what we can do. I am committed to starting the next chapter.” . of my life being a part of change in my community. This is how I will use my service, empowering others with love and kindness for generations to come.”

“It is a privilege to not only continue our scholarship program this year, but also to recognize and honor 50 inspiring young people who are making a positive impact in the world today,” he said. chris rondeauCEO of Planet Fitness. “With all that young people have been through in recent years, it is inspiring to see how these scholars have engaged with themselves, their peers and their communities. As the home of the Judgment Free Zone®, Planet Fitness is excited to see these agents of change continue to lead by example and build a more welcoming tomorrow”.

“We are thrilled to honor teens who are furthering our mission to provide inclusive spaces for young people to thrive and be themselves,” he said. Jim Clark, president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “Boys & Girls Clubs of America is committed to improving the lives of every child and teen who walks through our doors, and we couldn’t be more excited to award these scholarships, with the support of our partners at Planet Fitness.”

Since 2016, together with its franchisees, members and partners, Planet Fitness has contributed more than $7 million to support anti-bullying, pro-kindness initiatives. As part of the program, the Company has funded the first-of-its-kind social-emotional skills training for professionals and youth from Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which is based on a trauma-informed approach to recognizing the behavioral impacts of traumatic experiences. of youth while providing opportunities for growth. The Company has also engaged in volunteer efforts and has built welcoming fitness spaces known as Judgment-Free Mini Zones at select Boys & Girls Clubs of America across the country.

Learn more about Planet Fitness’s efforts to positively impact the communities where people live, work and exercise through PF Purpose.

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Founded in 1992 in Dover, New HampshirePlanet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest growing fitness center franchisors and operators in the the United States by number of members and locations. From March 31, 2022Planet Fitness had more than 16.2 million members and 2,291 stores in 50 states, the D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada, Panama, Mexico Y Australia. The company’s mission is to improve people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which we call the Judgment Free Zone®. More than 90% of Planet Fitness stores are owned and operated by independent business men and women.

About Boys & Girls Clubs of America

For 160 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America ( has provided a safe place for children and teens to learn and grow. The clubs offer caring adult mentors, fun and friendship, and high-impact youth development programs every day during critical hours outside of school. Boys & Girls Clubs programming promotes academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles. More than 4,900 Clubs serve 4.3 million youth through Club membership and community outreach. The clubs are located in cities, towns, public housing and Native lands across the country, serving military families at BGCA-affiliated youth centers on US military installations around the world. The national headquarters is located at atlanta. Learn more about Boys & Girls Clubs of America on Facebook and Twitter.

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