Coffee Briefing June 28, 2022 – Blueprint Software Systems Fully Embraces Remote Work; Klarna launches loyalty card; HCL Technologies Opens Center in Vancouver; and more

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News this week

HCL Technologies Unveils State-of-the-Art R&D and Engineering Center in Vancouver

Source: HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies, a global technology company, announced the opening of its new next-generation research and development (R&D) and engineering services center in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The new facility will house a Customer Experience Center and will focus on developing futuristic digital technologies and next-generation products and solutions for HCL Technologies customers. Some of these solutions include full stack engineering solutions, customer experience and R&D services in different industries.

The company also recently welcomed its first cohort of the HCL Technologies Apprenticeship Program in Vancouver. The program, part of the company’s Rise at HCL Tech early career and training program, provides high school graduates who do not have a formal college degree with the ability to pursue a career in industry, with developing focus areas. and software testing, digital and cloud services, infrastructure delivery and engineering.

“With this new facility, HCL Technologies can leverage its industry-leading digital engineering technology services and R&D capabilities to develop next-generation products and platforms for global customers. This facility will foster better collaboration across Vancouver’s education and technology ecosystem,” said Vijay Anand Guntur, president of R&D and engineering services at HCL Technologies.

HCL Technologies employs more than 2,000 people in Canada and has plans to grow even more, with an additional 1,000 hires in the next three years.

Blueprint Software Systems embraces remote work across the enterprise

Source: Blueprint Software Solutions

Blueprint Software Systems, a provider of cloud-based business process improvement software solutions, has announced that it will fully embrace remote work across the enterprise.

With a remote-focused workforce, Blueprint will adjust its physical office capacity in June and move to a new downtown Toronto location designed to accommodate in-person collaboration and remote communication.

Employees will not be required to spend any physical time in the office and there will be no geographic restrictions on company hiring.

“Blueprint has helped organizations around the world operate more efficiently and run their process automation projects at a lower cost, all through a cloud-first, location-agnostic approach. We decided to take this insight and apply it to our business,” said Dan Shimmerman, president and CEO of Blueprint. “Covid made remote work a requirement for Blueprint for the past two years, during which collaboration and productivity increased, so we have optimized our business accordingly to accelerate that trend.”

Blueprint currently has employees in 19 North American cities and plans to grow during the year.

Toronto healthtech researchers use AI to accelerate rare disease diagnosis with new funding

Source: Pentavere

Pentavere of Toronto has secured C$200,000 in health technology funding from biopharmaceutical firm Takeda Canada to help identify new digital technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that support better patient care for rare disease conditions.

Pentavere Research Group Inc. is a clinical discovery company that has developed an artificial intelligence engine called DARWEN, which accelerates discovery from large amounts of clinical text. DARWEN unlocks value, insights and evidence from clinical information that is impossible to analyze with human intelligence alone.

In addition, Takeda Canada also announced that Pentavere has received the first Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge, launched in January 2022 to accelerate partnerships in identifying new digital technologies and AI solutions that support better inflammatory bowel disease patient care ( IBD) or rare diseases.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Pentavere to leverage their AI technology in the field of rare diseases,” said Rute Fernandes, general manager of Takeda Canada. “Building strong partnerships across our healthcare ecosystem and leveraging data and technology is imperative to comprehensively address key patient needs, from diagnostics to personalized medicine. We would like to congratulate Pentavere on their successful submission and thank all the entrants for participating in the Takeda Canada Innovation Challenge.”

This partnership will give Pentavere the opportunity to collaborate and benefit from Takeda’s extensive international network.

Klarna launches a new loyalty card feature

Source: Klarna

Klarna, a global retail bank, payment and shopping service, has announced the launch of its new loyalty card feature in the Klarna app.

This feature allows app users to digitally store and access their physical loyalty cards. Users can accumulate all the points and benefits in any store without having to carry physical cards while shopping in the store.

The feature supports more than 8,000 loyalty rewards programs around the world, ranging from technology and groceries to clothing and beauty, and helps consumers accumulate points.

The company says that this feature comes at the right time; a Klarna survey revealed that 39 per cent of Canadians have avoided signing up for a loyalty program in the past because they were unwilling to carry another physical card.

“At Klarna, we want to give consumers the best shopping experience in the world, whether it’s online or on the go… Klarna is now delving into physical retail, helping consumers save time and money where whatever they buy. By equipping customers with a digital space to conveniently pick up their loyalty cards, we are elevating the physical shopping experience to a new level of convenience and flexibility,” said David Fock, Product Manager at Klarna.

Canada to be a test market for Notes, Twitter’s new writing feature

Source: Twitter Canada

Twitter has chosen Canada as one of the test markets for its new feature, Notes. This feature comes through a new team at the company called Twitter Write.

twitter write focuses on creating tools and a community for readers and writers to get the most out of the social media platform. It will focus on improving the Twitter experience for writers and will attract journalists, authors, bloggers, content creators, newsletter editors and comedians.

The new Notes feature will give writers the opportunity to go beyond 280 characters for the first time, using a rich text editor to capture articles and other types of content.

Starting last week, Twitter began partnering with a small group of writers from Canada, the US, the UK, and Ghana to test the feature.

Open nominations for the Women in the IT Channel awards

Channel Daily News is now accepting nominations for the Rising Star and Mentor of the Year Awards, which will be presented at the Women in the IT Channel Appreciation Luncheon at the Art Gallery of Ontario on August 25, 2022. The deadline for submissions is July 8th.

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