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India’s construction market is expected to post a CAGR of over 10% between 2022 and 2027. The pandemic wreaked havoc on the value chain at all levels and scales, but despite the impact of COVID-19, India witnessed a new supply of 45 million square feet in 2021. Investments in the industrial and logistics sector exceeded $1.5 billion. Commercial spaces are going to develop at a much faster rate. Sonai Infrastructure is one of the leading companies that takes advantage of modern technology, advanced construction methods, proper performance monitoring and control system for all its construction projects. The company attends to projects such as highways, railways, bridges, irrigation and buildings.

The company has built over 1 million square feet of residential and commercial space in western Maharashtra. They have a dedicated team of engineers, architects and project managers who execute profitable residential and commercial buildings. They have mainly focused on the railway sector and won major bids on Pune-Miraj duplication projects. Daund to Manmad is another project the company completed. They have experience in topography, major and minor structures, telecommunications, change of all types of signaling and more.

Sonai Infra operates in road and mining with its own crusher and mining equipment. They have built six lanes of the Sangli-Miraj road project. They proudly claim pothole free roads. They have also built different types of bridges such as RCC Slab with PSC and Cast in situ, Precast Slab, Road over the bridge, road under the bridge, segmented box, and more. “In addition, we are also delivering efficient irrigation throughout India. We built a flood protection wall on the Krishna River at Mai Ghat, Sangli in 2009, and to date, not a single stone in the entire structure has been damaged, says Ankush, CEO of SonaiInfra.

Along with canal networks, the company has successfully built earthen dams, inverted siphons, Kolhapur-type Wiers, flood protection walls and various canal crossroads. Today, Sonai Infra has become a Class I Government Registered Contractor with vast experience and expertise to undertake projects of any size in the sector.

About key people

Ankush Patil is the CEO of Sonai Infra. He is a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Pune and has a Masters in Construction Management (MS) from the University of Manchester, UK. At Sonai Infra, he is responsible for the technical, administrative and financial departments.

Ajinkya Patil, director of Sonai Infra, also graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Under her able leadership, the company witnessed the successful execution and completion of several contracts. Today, the company has become eligible to handle new contracts such as Roads, Bridges, Overpasses, Sewer Projects, Residential and Commercial Buildings, etc. Leads all activities for the execution of civil projects.

Leading by domain knowledge

Sonai Infra is a dynamic organization with a team of more than 425 employees. Its leadership team is young and enthusiastic to make India a better place to live through its offerings. The company has several projects in hand and is completing them successfully. They are the first company to complete the 12 km Shenoli to Takari duplication section among the 07 contractors lined up for various areas for the same category of work.

“We aspire to be the most admired and responsible integrated infrastructure company in the country. With the help of our team, we provide high-quality and reliable solutions for the infrastructure industry, ensuring excellence in everything we do. We believe in providing quality work and making a valuable difference to our stakeholders,” says Ajinkya.

Speaking about the pandemic, Ankush says: “Like any other company, we face various challenges in operating our business. In our industry, not many have the clout to work from home, so we take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our employees. We’ve established a crisis team, made contingency plans for critical roles, provided flexible work schedules, and communicated effectively. Through these measures, we minimize the risks of community spread of the COVID-19 virus, maintaining operating levels, thus protecting the business and employees.”

The company believes in providing opportunities for employees to learn and grow. They motivate them by offering employee rewards and sharing positive feedback. They are transparent with both customers and employees. “We are very supportive and appreciate all the efforts that the employees make. All of our business strategies and important decisions are made with our people in mind,” he states.

Future projects

The company ensures that its projects are successfully completed within the constraints of the best quality, time frame and at the lowest possible cost. In the coming years, they intend to increase their market share. They are also developing new strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

“Our technology has sustained us and redefined the way we work, live and interact with all of our stakeholders. We have embraced some new trends that help us build a better future. All our machines have GPS tracking, Boom Placer, Batch Mix plant, Scada technology for the plant, the sites are under CCTV surveillance, ISO and security certification”, concludes Ajinkya.

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