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Supersourcing, a talent platform for hiring remote engineers, has raised half a million dollars in its seed funding round from multiple investors. They are helping startups and early-stage companies employ top-tier remote engineering talent and build ambitious technology products. Other unicorn establishments in the tech hiring space have also raised funds with Andela raising $380 million and Turing raising $153 million.

The brand will use these raised funds to fuel its expansion and scale operations to ultimately capture its market share and build a strong brand presence. The bright future of the growing outsourcing market encourages the biggest names in the tech world to invest in a 16-month-old startup with the aim of ending the talent wars.

The new funding round supporting SuperSourcing’s vision includes KubeVC (UAE-based venture capital firm with 5 unicorns in its portfolio), Nitin Sethi (Chief Digital Officer, Founding Leader of Adani Digital Labs), Rajesh Gaur; (Head of Investment Solutions, Zoe Financial) Saurabh Gupta (Senior Program Manager, Stripe), Arpit Bung (CTO, Guidewire) Sandeep Acharya (Senior IT Application Manager, Pidilite Industries Limited), Jaykumar Raithatha (Solutions Architect , Safety and Insurance in the Workplace Directory) Phani Priya Raju (Angel Investor, HeadStart Network – LetsVenture) Sapan Singhai (Business Analyst, Infosys USA), Nikhil Sharma (Lead Consultant, Capco).

“Each new round of funding is proof that we are headed in the right direction. The entire Supersourcing team is very excited to be mentored by brilliant investors across the board. But, the problem we are solving is huge and there is a long way to go. way to go.” said Aditi Chaurasia, co-founder and COO of Supersourcing in light of their recent seed funding.

Supersourcing raised its first round of investment with some of the biggest names in the Indian Startup ecosystem, including Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Founder and CEO, Paytm), Dr. Ritesh Malik (Founder, Innov8 coworking, Nikhil Sharma (Lead Consultant, Capco ), Ankush Agrawal (Founder and CEO, Tree Cap Consulting) Believing in the efficient execution and rapid growth of Supersourcing, previous investor Nikhil Sharma reinvested his seed round.

Supersourcing is solving the biggest problem that evolved during the pandemic:

Many startups struggled with talent shortages during the pandemic in recent years. Working remotely became a reality, but finding qualified remote tech talent became the biggest challenge. Being part of the IT industry for the last 10 years, Mayank, the co-founder of Supersourcing, also witnessed the problem.

“If you ask any CIO or startup founder what their biggest challenge is in building a successful startup, the answer will be ‘Hire.’ and managing qualified remote talent engineers. To me, it seems like a war of talents, so I decided to solve this problem.” said Mayank Pratap, co-founder and CEO of Supersourcing.

With over 10 years of IT experience, Mayank and Aditi began developing the processes and technology to solve the problem. To test their idea in a pilot, they developed a technology platform by partnering with highly rated IT agencies once they passed screening tests and quality parameters. Based on the project requirements raised by different clients, the platform matches remote talent to fulfill the request.

The fast hiring process and remote quality engineers allowed for the successful delivery of all projects. As a result, the demand for remote IT talent skyrocketed and Supersourcing was born. The biggest issues for the remote hiring and outsourcing industries are credibility and opportunities to find the right talent. Supersourcing targets these issues through an AI-enabled platform and a robust selection process.

“After going through rigorous quality checks, the agencies and their skills are indexed in our database, which will begin to appear as recommendations for a relevant project,” said Mayank.

Today, remote hiring of the best remote engineers is just a few clicks away. It has become a no brainer for startups and businesses. All you have to do is post your requirement and the AI ​​will match you with the most suitable talent. You can then chat with them and boom, you have your new hire in minutes.

The exponential growth of Supersourcing

In the 16 months since its inception, Supersourcing has helped 28 Unicorns, 32 YC-funded companies, 70+ global venture capital fund portfolio companies, and 500+ clients hire the best remote tech talent. Uber, Gusto, Quora, Zoom, NextDoor, Instacart, Asana, Meta, Brex, Amazon, Google, Stripe, Dunzo, Swiggy, Khatabook, Stage, Appointy, Sequoia Capital are some of the big startups in the Supersourcing clientele.

Supersourcing has shown rapid growth in a short time, gaining the trust of its investors. In 16 months, they crossed $3M ARR, with a monthly growth of 20%. They have a talent pool of over 15,000 engineers and over 3,000 talent partner companies to revolutionize the global IT talent outsourcing problem. Based in Indore, Supersourcing is tapping into the growing tech talent of India’s cleanest city. In a Business Insider article, Indore, Chandigarh, Warangal and Kochi are considered to be the next IT talent hubs.

Mayank is focused on bringing about revolutionary change in the IT talent outsourcing industry by disrupting the traditional recruiting process. To capture the rapidly growing IT talent outsourcing industry, which is expected to spend more than $1.3 trillion by 2023, investors and technology leaders are backing Supersourcing. “We are seeking collaborations and mentorships from investors and industry tech leaders who believe in the future of remote work,” said Aditi Chaurasia.

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