Charting a Path to Wellness: New Path at Core Knowledge Charter School Aims to Promote Mindfulness and Physical Fitness | Community

The official presentation of the Wellness Path took place on Wednesday, June 8. From left to right: Core Knowledge School Psychologist Marlene Koch, Core Knowledge students Caleb Jabas and Cianan Palecek, Tri 4 Schools Director of Operations Rachael Hagen, Tri 4 Schools Executive Director Amanda Marek, Core Knowledge, Rick Kisting, and Core Knowledge Parent Roundtable Chair, Laura Meicher. Jabas and Palecek are eighth graders at Core Knowledge Charter School and are students in John Bremmer’s 3D Design and Construction class at BRMS/CKCS.

Whether it’s teaching you every step of completing a Half Jack (start standing with your feet together and arms at your sides…bend your knees and jump…) or challenging you to be mindful (five things you can see… .three things you can hear…) Fitness of both mind and body will be encouraged through a new trail system at Core Knowledge Charter School.

On Wednesday, June 8, a group of students, parents and staff completed the installation of a ‘Wellness Path’ thanks to a $1,500 grant received from a Verona non-profit organization.

Verona-based Tri 4 Schools is a nonprofit organization that facilitates multi-sport events and programs to “empower kids, schools and communities to be healthy and happy,” according to its website.

Tri 4 Schools donates thousands of dollars annually to area schools to help support initiatives like mindfulness programs or new equipment for physical education classes, with the goal of improving the health and well-being of children.

Each year, Tri 4 Schools donates proceeds from its events and programs to Dane County schools and, as of last year, had donated approximately $375,000 to more than 200 schools through direct donations and grant applications.

The latest school to benefit was Core Knowledge Charter School, which last year applied for a Tri 4 Schools Wellness Grant. Tri 4 Wellness Grants are intended to support school or community initiatives that promote the physical or mental wellness of children ages 3-14 in Dane County elementary and secondary schools.

Last fall, Tri 4 Schools accepted grant applications between $500 and $2,000 to support school wellness initiatives or after school programs.

Core Knowledge Charter School, a public charter school serving students in the Verona Area School District from kindergarten through eighth grade, applied for the Tri 4 Schools grant to create fitness and mindfulness activities along a trail trees on its campus. The school requested $2,000 and received $1,500.

At Core Knowledge Charter School, there is a path in a wooded area on the west side of the building, located on Verona Area School District property.

The school received a $1,500 grant to create fitness and mindfulness activities along the tree-lined path behind the school building.

Signs are located along the path and provide instructions on how to complete various fitness and mindfulness activities.

During the final weeks of the school year, Badger Ridge Middle School and Core Knowledge Charter School students in the eighth grade 3D Design and Construction class worked with their teacher John Bremmer to install the wooden posts and place the signs on the posts. for welfare. Path.

In the grant application, Core Knowledge administrators requested funding for eight road signs, as well as fitness equipment such as a balance beam, push-up station and back extension.

Signs are located along the path and provide instructions on how to complete the various fitness and mindfulness activities.

Core Knowledge Charter School has an enrollment of 260 students at the elementary level and 165 students at the middle school level.

The path’s location is also intended to allow other area school sites to also use the path, including Verona Area International School, New Century Charter School, Sugar Creek Elementary School, as well as Badger Ridge Middle School, which it is in the same building as Core Knowledge Charter School.

“This plan will allow students, families, educators, and community members to further enjoy walking the tree-lined trail that is already established,” the grant application said. “Because of the path’s location, educators would not need to plan ahead to use it and could make impromptu visits. We believe the path will allow our students, families, educators, and community members the ability to physically move their body during the walk, as well as engage in additional physical and mindfulness activities for leisure or to help with physical regulation and/or or emotional. The staff and students of our school district are overcoming many challenges as a result of the global pandemic, COVID-19. Having access to the pathway with healthy activities to complete provides an alternative setting as our schools have changed the way they operate during the current pandemic.”

Core Knowledge Charter School may consider adding additional physical activities in the future. The school’s parent roundtable group, a fundraising organization, will consider future fundraising activities and the need for additional activities for the tree lined path.

“Core Knowledge Charter School looks forward to enhancing our tree-lined path in the Verona Area School District and providing students, families, educators, and community members with options to foster physical, social, and emotional health,” the grant application said. “It should be noted that there are no other fitness circuit parks or wellness trails in the city of Verona that the applicants are aware of. According to the park information on the Verona city website, there is no mention of a park with gym equipment.”

The tree-lined trail is open to the public and is located in the Verona city center, which will allow members of the community to access the trail, with the exception of school hours per Verona city ordinance.

Community members can walk to the trail from their residence, as well as use the parking lot next to the school district tennis courts for easy access.

The trailhead is located near gate 14 of Badger Ridge Middle School/Core Knowledge Charter School. To access the trail, community members must park at the tennis courts.


A map of the road compared to the location of the school in the lower right corner of the image. Signs are located along the road where the numbers are. The welcome sign is located on the star.

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