These 30 Jamaican Dishes Make This Popular Dining Spot One Of The 100 Caribbean Dishes

The popular website has compiled a list of the 100 most popular dishes served in the Caribbean, with 30 of the featured dishes coming from the island nation of Jamaica, including the #1 most popular Caribbean item: Jamaican.

The Jamaican foods on’s Top 100 Caribbean Dishes list, with their rankings, are as follows:

Number 96: Toto
A popular cake made from flour, sugar, grated coconut, eggs, milk, butter, and flavorings such as allspice, nutmeg, and ginger. Sometimes raisins and rum are also added.

Number 94: Ackee Saltfish Pizza
A unique Jamaican pizza where the crust is topped with sliced ​​onions, grated cheese, tomato sauce, and cooked ackee and salt fish. The combination of fruit, fish, cheese and onion has made it a popular option on the island.

Number 93: Cake Grater
A traditional dessert that is based on freshly grated coconut and granulated sugar as the main ingredients. These ingredients are cooked in water until the mixture becomes sticky and the coconut has a smooth texture. The cake is often tinted red or pink with food coloring. Also known as “raw grater” when brown sugar is used instead of white sugar.

Number 89: Male Water
A soup made from goat legs, head, intestines, and testicles, which are combined with yams, coconut, green plantains, meatballs, and hot peppers. White rum is sometimes added for added flavor. The soup is often served at large gatherings and is believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Number 79: Peanut Drops
These snacks are made by boiling roasted peanuts and minced ginger in brown sugar water until the water has evaporated, leaving behind a sticky, caramel-like substance. After the drops cool and harden, they make excellent treats for young and old alike.

Number 77: Bulla Cake
A round, flat cake made from flour, molasses, and baking powder and often flavored with ginger or nutmeg. Popular with children, it is usually eaten with butter, avocado and cheese.

Number 76: Lobster Curry
A savory dish made with the spiny, clawless Caribbean variety of lobster, tomato, garlic, onion, water, and seasoned with curry powder, hot peppers, thyme, and cumin. Cooked slowly until the sauce is thick, it can be garnished with chopped coriander.

Number 75: Coconut Drop
A traditional treat made by boiling small pieces of coconut in a mixture of brown sugar, vanilla, salt, and powdered ginger. When left to cool on a flat surface, they take the form of wrinkled cakes with an unusual shape and visual appearance.

The 6 Soups Every Jamaican Should Know How To Cook - Red Pea Beef Soup

Jamaican Red Pea Beef Soup

Number 73: Red Pea Soup
A thick, savory stew of beef or pork, yams, potatoes, red peas, and meatballs that is usually flavored with bell pepper and thyme.

Number 71: Italian Stew
A hearty stew made from bananas, peas, squash, taro, potatoes, carrots, okra, onions, and kale in a coconut milk broth seasoned with thyme and bell pepper. It is generally associated with the Rastafarian movement. “Ital” is derived from the word “vital” and denotes the fact that the food is vegetarian and unprocessed.

Tamarind balls recipe

Tamarind balls recipe

Number 70: Tamarind Balls
A Jamaican specialty made from the sticky pulp of tamarind, water, and brown sugar, which is rolled into balls that taste sweet and sour. An alcoholic version includes rum.

Number 69: Jamaican Mackerel Overview
A classic Jamaican dish featuring salted or pickled mackerel and a sauce made from coconut milk boiled with various seasonings until it becomes a custard. The sauce is often flavored with garlic, black pepper, scotch peppers, chives, and thyme. It is often eaten for breakfast with green bananas, festival, bammy, or toast.

Number 55: Coconut Bread
A bread made from flour, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, and coconut milk, then baked until golden brown. The bun is usually split in two and stuffed with a Jamaican burger.

Number 50: Pepper Shrimp
A street food consisting of shrimp cooked in a pan with garlic, hot pepper, butter, and thyme. It is often sold to travelers at roadside stalls.

Jamaican Brown Braised Fish Recipe

Jamaican Brown Braised Fish Recipe

Number 49: Brown Braised Fish
A stew featuring a combination of marinated and fried fish fillets with a brown sauce made from onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, butter, and water. It is often seasoned with thyme and different types of hot peppers and is traditionally served with rice and peas or sweet potatoes and plantains.

Number 48: Escovitch Fish
A classic made of seasoned and marinated fried firm-bodied fish and a vinegar-based dressing of bell peppers, carrots and onions. A traditional Easter dish.

Number 44: Gizzada
Dessert consisting of a puff pastry with a sweet and slightly spicy coconut filling. Its characteristic feature is its pinched bark, which gives it the name “gizzada” or “pinch-me-round”. He is believed to be of Portuguese or Jewish origin.

Number 38: Steamed Cabbage
A side dish made of sliced ​​and steamed cabbage flavored with garlic, hot pepper, and tomatoes that is often eaten for breakfast along with black mint tea, fried dumplings, or bread.

Number 35: Oxtail with Broad Beans
A traditional Jamaican stew made from minced oxtail, onion, garlic, ginger, chili peppers, fava beans, water, cornstarch, and seasoned with black pepper, allspice, thyme, and salt. The stew is cooked slowly until it thickens and the meat falls off the bone.

Number 34: Festival
A ball of dough made with cornmeal, flour, water, salt, sugar, and baking powder and traditionally oval-shaped with a crispy exterior, resulting from being fried in hot oil. Served with salt fish or mango coleslaw.

Number 29: Hummingbird Cake
A cake made with flour, vegetable oil, bananas, pineapple, walnuts, eggs, vanilla, sugar, salt, cinnamon, and yeast. It is often served with cream cheese frosting. Originally called Doctor Bird Cake in reference to the nickname of a variety of hummingbird from Jamaica known as the red-billed serpentine tail because the cake’s yellow banana streaks are like the bird’s plumage.

Jamaican sweet potato pudding

Number 23: Sweet Potato Pudding
A favorite Sunday dessert made from sweet potatoes, flour, coconut milk, dried fruit, and flavored with vanilla, nutmeg, sugar, and salt. It is usually baked in an oven, but some Jamaicans still bake it in a charcoal pot in which charcoal is placed under and on top of the baking sheet.

Number 22: Ackee and Saltfish
Jamaica’s national dish is made with ackee, a fruit that originated in West Africa and was brought to the island in the 18th century. Ackee is paired with dried and salted fish, usually cod, mahi mahi, or mackerel. It is often eaten for breakfast or as a snack at lunch or dinner.

Number 19: Stamp and Go
A street food consisting of fritters, which are usually made with salt cod, but callaloo, ackee and escargot can also be used. It is eaten for breakfast or as an appetizer and is usually served with a sweet sauce on the side.

Number 16: Brown Stewed Chicken
A spicy stew made with pieces of chicken, which are browned and simmered in a sauce made with onions, bell peppers, tomato sauce, and water. It is traditionally served with rice, peas, fried plantains and sliced ​​tomatoes and garnished with chopped green onions.

Number 15: Jamaican Steamed Fish
A dish made by cooking any firm white fish in a sauce made from butter, tomatoes and onions, and herbs such as thyme, garlic and black pepper. The sauce is usually flavored with Scotch Bonnet peppers. It is often served with rice, boiled plantains, and crackers.

Number 12: Bammy
A traditional flatbread made with yucca. The dough is often soaked in coconut milk before it is fried, steamed, or baked. It originated with the Arawaks, the original inhabitants of Jamaica.

Simple Jamaican Fish Tea Recipe

Simple Jamaican Fish Tea Recipe

Number 11: Fish Tea
A light fish broth seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme, featuring small fish such as herring and vegetables including bell peppers, carrots, onions and green plantains. It is believed to be an aphrodisiac.

Number 5: Jamaican Empanada
A street food consisting of meatloaf with African and Indian influences. The empanadas are flat and crescent-shaped, then covered with turmeric. The filling usually consists of finely ground beef, breadcrumbs, and flavorings of thyme, onion, garlic, Scotch Bonnet chilies, and a savory curry powder.

These 30 Jamaican Dishes Make This Popular Dining Spot Top 100 Caribbean Dishes - Jerk Pork

jerk pork

Number 1: Jamaican Idiot
Jerk refers to the unique Jamaican cooking method in which pork, chicken, beef, seafood, or even fruits and vegetables are cooked over a campfire or on a grill. The key to jerk is its seasoning made from a mixture of onions, green onions, thyme, Jamaican pepper, chilies, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon.

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